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      Grom Information Form                  
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If you want to be a part of The Future of Surfing, Fill out this form with the help of your
  parents and you may see your self on this website shortly.  We will want photos of you 
  emailed to us before we can post your profile, So please make sure you have 2 surfing
  shots of yourself.  The best part is...It's Free.

 Name  Nickname

 Gender  Girl Boy

 Age    Birthday   (month, day, year)

 Choose Region    Other: 

 Home Town     Country 

 How long surfing? Close to 

 How often do you surf 

 Favorite Maneuver 

 Favorite wave you hope to surf someday: 

 Home Break 

 Favorite Surfers 

 Other Interests  

 Have you entered any contests, if so describe contests and  your results

Do you have any sponsors? 

 Favorite Food 
 Favorite Board  

 Favorite Movie  

What would you like me to write in your profile? (something interesting about YOU)

 Email address  Make sure this is correct, so that
 I can write to you for your photos!!!!!
 We will email you for a photo of you surfing and a school type portrait shortly.  All
 information submitted may be used on this website.  Not all submitted information may
 be used. A parent or guardian must look this form over and okay it before you click
 SUBMIT. Don't forget, don't drop in on anyone!
    I understand the rules, and a parent has okayed my submittal.

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