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New Zealand Groms

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Nalu speeding down the line
Nalu shows her great form

Nalu Mier
Age - 8
Home Break: North or South Piha, by the Lion Rock
Surfers: My Dad, and Charlie Cowden
Board: My 6'3'' my dad shaped for me with a red lei of flowers
Food: shrimp, mussels
Movie: Spirit

Nalu lives in NZ, but she is from Uruguay and learned to surf on Kauai. She says: "I am a happy little person with a lot of energy, I like to play hard and have many adventures, like flying by myself to South America and catching a wave with my grandpa in La Paloma Uruguay.
Sponsors: None so far

Nalu Mier
Nalu likes horses, skateboarding, snowboarding, swimming, drama, and dance

Nalu Mier with a friend
Nalu Mier

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