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  Oahu, Hawaii


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Kala Grace Rips!
Kala Grace Rips!

Kala Grace
Birthday: 8/13/95
Home Break: Rocky Point
Dream Surf Spot: Teahupo and Indonesia
Move: Barrels
Board: My blue 5'0" carbon fiber board  from my cousin Coco
Surfers: Bruce Irons,Andy, Taj Burrow, Occy, Mick Fanning
Food: Ted's  Bakery breakfast sandwiches
Movie: Freedom writers

Kala likes skateboarding

Sponsors: No Fear and surfboards from Christian Budroe

Contest Results: T&C contest:2nd place.
Menehune surf contest at Haleiwa: 2nd place
and a lot more

Kala Grace
Kala Grace 

Kala Grace
Kala Grace

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