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Sebastian's great form
Sebastian ripping Punta Hermosa
Flexibility is good for surfing!

Sebastian Gomez
Age - 8
Home Break: Punta Hermosa
Dream Wave: Pipeline, Pico Alto
Surfers: Kelly Slater, Bruce Irons, Andy Irons, Sofia Mulanovich, Anali Gomez & Jose "jarita" Gomez(dad)
Maneuver: Floater, Barrel, Roller
Board: 5' 4"
Food: Ceviche
Movie: Step Into Liquid

Sebastian's father is one of the best surfers in Peru, winner of the Billabong Motorola Pico Alto 2006 & 2004, so Sebastian gets great coaching from him.

Contest Results
:  None yet, but check back soon!

: Open to any proposal

Sebastian Gomez
Sebastian Gomez setting up a bottom turn
Sebastian Gomez

Sebastian Gomez

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